Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rules of Commenting on Shammed Doc Blog

I am receiving comments that I need to moderate, in order to publish in my blog comments' section.  I value everyone's input and am particulary grateful for the interest in my blog and taking the time to comment.  I think this is time for me to make some observations.  Also, I thought I should post some general rules for comments, which will keep evolving as time goes by:

Preamble: I am not a member of, I am not affiliated with, and I am not friends with, any , society, center, association, or organization.  The only reason I publish here articles that are authored by others who belong to societies, centers, or organizations is that I found the content to be worthwhile, and adding value to the readership.

Using the "Blogger" platform, I cannot edit a comment before publishing.  A comment has to be rejected in its entirity if only one sentence does not conform.  A comment that is rejected will have to be re-submitted after complying with the rules and spirit if the interested individual desires to do so.

1.  The "Comments"section is meant to educate and increase awareness with the issue of the abuse of the current hospital peer review system, provisions, and immunity afforded.

2.  The "Comments" section would achieve the above through being an open forum for discussions focused on this issue, with freedom to be anonymous if needed.

3.  The blog, and the "Comments" section, are not to be exploited to advertise any business, whether directly or by making claims of achievements or favorable results in helping peer review victims.  If any entity has solid data to publish, including substantiating their own claims of achieving results in helping peer review victims, I am always looking for value content and will be willing to publish those data only if they meet a high standard of credibility and only under the full responsibility of the person who authors the article or data.  The Shammed Doc blog is not a platform for advertising, even under the name of helping shammed peer review victims.

4.  Any personal attacks against any individual person will lead to an automatic rejection of a comment. This does not limit whatsoever the pure discussion of ideas, thoughts, concepts and innovative approaches.

Enforcing the above rules for posting on the "Comments" section will start immediately with the new submissions which I will review, and I apologize in advance for any rejected comment.  All comments have great elements in them, but it is the elements that violate those common sense rules that lead to rejection of an entire comment. When I have the time, I will go back in retrospect and remove any previous comments that do not follow the same rules.

I have quoted articles from elsewhere and other websites. I have also posted articles that were submitted to me and the author was given a limited privilege of being a guest for that one submission.  I am not affiliated with, nor am I a member of any organization, society, center, support group, or any similar entity, that is connected with any of those whose articles have been posted on my blog.  I do not have any "friendship" (even if on facebook every connection is called "friend") with any member of those entities. I am not a member of the Center for Peer Review Justice, the Semmelweis Society, the Alliance for Patient Safety , AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons), or of any society whatsoever, nor am I known to any member of those or any other societies or individuals.  I do not support any causes or values advocated by any of those entities to any extent beyond the limited scope of the peer review process and closely related topics.