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Will You Attend the United Whistleblower Meeting Sept 18, 2011 in DC?

United Whistleblower Speak Sept 18, 2011:

"Americans must be free to practice their trade and to tell the public the truth."

Submitted by James Murtagh

WASHINGTON, DC – This September 18, the whistleblowers and persons of conscience will hold the fifth annual gathering on Capitol Hill. As the Nation's budget crisis continues to grow, lawmakers must look to corporate and federal whistleblowers to stop out of control spending. The united message is the nation’s top priority must be to protect whistleblowers so that truth-tellers can protect the public, the public’s health, and our national security.

Five years of concentrated advocacy led to this meeting. Dr. Jeffrey Wigand (aka, “The Insider”) helped to found, guide and shape the International Association of Whistleblowers (IAW). Other Advisors include Coleen Rowley, Reuben Guttman and Cyrus Mehri. Our ranks are growing stronger everyday.

America knows what is said about whistleblowers. This conference is a chance to hear from the whistleblowers in their own words. A spectrum of statements include:

• NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, recently revealed on 60 Minutes that 9/11 could have been prevented. The IAW demands an end to counter-productive policies that make America more vulnerable to future attacks:

"If recent history is any guide, coming forward with the truth and blowing the whistle on evidence of gross waste, fraud, abuse, wrongdoing, corruption, malfeasance, illegalities or dangers to public health and safety within public or private institutions is increasingly viewed as a criminal act. In so doing, whistleblowers not only risk their personal lives and professional careers they are often relentlessly and maliciously dismissed, victimized, hounded and even prosecuted out of reprisal, retribution, and retaliation for speaking truth to power - a clear and distinct 'shoot the messenger' syndrome. Whistleblowers are often the only witness to wrongdoing where they work. Existing laws are simply not sufficient to protect whistleblowers.

• Navy whistleblower Kirk Wiebe vigorously supports the IAW message:

Whistleblowers are not a threat to government or to any organization, rather they seek to ensure integrity of service to the people they serve. The IAW Conference provides an excellent platform for whistleblowers to find their voice and to meet one another in a positive environment of mutual support.

NSA whistleblower Randy Kelly amplifies:

These are sad and dark days in the history of America. The American taxpayer has little or no confidence in our elected officials or government in general. The American people should be outraged at the level of corruption and criminal activity within the federal government and politics in this country. It is easy to understand why many members of the Senate and of the House of Representatives do not want any level of whistleblower reform. Too many politicians fear they themselves will become publically exposed as to the atrocities they condone by being unwilling to take any action against the prevalence of fraud, waste and abuse within all levels and sectors of our government. All honest citizens are affected by government fraud, waste and abuse. These are intentional and criminal acts that benefit but a few. And, they are taking place to the detriment of, and at the expense of, the honest and hard working citizens of this country. It is the 'whistleblowers' that are trying to right the wrongs. Yet the term 'whistleblower' remains painted with a dark and sinister image. The American people must come to realize that the 'whistleblowers' of this country are some of the true patriots of America. Now, more than ever, whistleblowers need the understanding and support of the American people!

• Bill Binney points out the Constitutional issue:

When our Constitutional form of government does not function, that is, when Congress does not have effective oversight of the agencies of the executive branch, those agencies set their own agenda and spend money accordingly. That is exactly what has happened at my former agency (NSA). Over the past 30 years, my former agency has made acquiring money the main objective - not solving operational problems. Their vision statement over these years has evolved into "Keep the problem going, so the money keeps flowing." In other words,
don't solve the problem use the problem to keep getting more and more money. This is and has been a disservice to our people and country. In effect, these agencies are trading our security for money.

• Mike McCray, co-chair of the IAW agrees:
Starting today, every agency and department should know that this administration stands on the side not of those who seek to withhold information, but those who seek to make it known.

We encourage all 264 organizations and corporations that signed the Whistleblower letter to join us! We are already bonded by a shared principle that "whistleblower protection is a foundation for any change in which the public can believe. It does not matter whether the issue is economic recovery, prescription drug safety, environmental protection, infrastructure spending, national health insurance, or foreign policy."
The IAW is independent, transpartisan, and non-aligned. It is united by a single principle: that Americans deserve to be protected by the truth. Only truth-telling patriots with extraordinary courage to tell truth to power can stop the barrage of preventable disasters that beset America. We are uniting to lobby Congress, and we will be heard. Every whistleblower will tell their story, and will be interviewed for U-tube. An extraordinary archive of these American and International stories will be collected.
All citizens who want to make America truly stronger are invited to:

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CAUCUS IN WASHINGTON September 18, 2011
DC Public Library - Martin Luther King Jr. branch
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