Sunday, October 31, 2010

How To Destroy A Physician - Part 4 - Ulterior Motives

Even though peer review processes are essential for quality care, the current system in the US is open for exploitation and corruption.  As promised, here are some scenarios when a bad-faith peer review may be initiated, in no special order.

  • Competition with other established staff members.
  • Competition against the hospital itself, since this may be easier than trying to enforce a no-compete clause.
  • Professional jealousy (yes, it does exist). 
  • The physician may be a perfectionist, too thorough, who likes that?
  • A whistle blower.
  • A physician whose opinions are not conforming with the culture of the establishment in the hospital.
  • A surgeon who is not liked by some OR staff who favor another surgeon
  • A physician who is not liked by some connected nurses

These are just examples.  You never know where the smearing may come from.  Remember, the peer review process can be initiated by a hearsay evidence.  The system is so badly open to exploitation, that the above reasons may start a process that may end a physician's career in the USA.


  1. Shammed Doc,

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    The Center for Peer Review Justice

  2. Dear FixinShammedDocs,
    Thank you for the comment. I actually have a good lawyer and we are working together very well. I am making it my mission, just as it is yours, to increase awareness of the problem through my posts and my tweets. As you may have noticed, the Center for Peer Review Justice website has helped me a lot. You can e-mail me at shammeddoc at gmail dot com.