Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Suicides Among Surgeons Aged 45 and Older

On April 4 I tweeted: Depression and suicide among physicians — Current Psychiatry Online

Now a new article on the website of Physician's Weekly reports on a recent study from the Archives of Surgery

The members of the American College of Surgeons were sent an anonymous cross-sectional survey in June 2008. The survey included questions regarding SI and use of mental health resources, a validated depression screening tool, and standardized assessments of burnout and quality of life.

“We know the lifetime risk of depression among physicians is similar to that of the general population, which suggests factors other than depression may be contributing to increased risk of suicide among physicians,” Tait D. Shanafelt, MD, tells Physician’s Weekly. “The influence of professional characteristics in forms of distress and depression, such as burnout, has been largely unexplored.”

Physician's Weekly reported that "According to Dr. Shanafelt, in addition to burnout, there appear to be occupational risks for having suicidal thoughts: A three-fold increased risk for suicidal thoughts was reported for surgeons who made a recent major medical error."

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    Surgeons and Physicians are no difffent than others. They suffer depression, burnout, grief especially when faced with catastrophic loss. Privs, State Board grief, and the like.

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